The Vision Transformation Firm (VTF) collaborates with youth-centered agencies to develop effective systems that are aligned with the agency’s vision and mission.  Through Professional Development, Program Enhancement, Team-Building Initiatives and Leadership Training, VTF works with providers to explore challenges and corrective measures.

Provider Renewal Sessions 

15-20 participants

45 minutes per session

  • Leading with the Right Mindset
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries to Avoid Worker Burn-Out
  • Effectively Supporting Youth in Challenging Situations
  • Effectively Communicating with Parents in Challenging Situations
  • Recognizing and Addressing Secondary Trauma
  • Writing Client-centered Documentation
  • Enhancing Time Management Skills to Improve Performance

Parent Renewal Sessions

15-20 participants

45 minutes per session

  • College Prep for Parents
  • Awakening the Natural Greatness within each Child
  • Test-Taking Strategies for Parents
  • Strengthening Your Parent-Child Relationship

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