The Vision Transformation Firm (VTF) is a personal development firm that enhances one’s success through customized initiatives. VTF Founder, Danielle Fairbairn-Bland, collaborates with each youth participant to design their unique framework for greatness.  Whether it be counseling, workshops, success coaching or transformational speaking; VTF initiatives enable youth to fully experience life transitions, life challenges and life events. VTF envisions a world where youth are empowered to transform their communities by living out their dreams and igniting positive change. Additionally, youth-centered agencies are further enhanced through VTF’s professional development training and consulting.

VTF collaborates with Community Based Organizations, Schools, Parent Teachers Associations, Small Businesses, Faith Based Organizations, Correctional Settings, Residential Treatment Facilities, Mental Health Treatment Programs, Elected Officials and Community Leaders.

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About the Founder

Sometimes, it takes a village, and sometimes, it takes just one person to be the change catalyst for the community in which she serves. With grace, passion and formidable resolve to effect change, Danielle Fairbairn-Bland has embraced every worthy cause during her decade-long experience in human services.

Danielle hails from Brownsville, Brooklyn, which has the highest concentration of public housing in the nation. Living nearby has enabled her to empathize with those who feel marginalized, both in and out of her community. In fact, it was Danielle’s healthy, positive experiences during her formative years that have sparked her unremitting drive for youth development and progressive transformation.

As a clinical social worker, there is never a day that she does not tap into her natural gifts to unleash the facilitator and advocate within. Most recently, Danielle channeled her flairs as an adjunct professor, in the field of public service, at the university level.

Where she is today is totally by design. Even her education was carefully orchestrated to sharpen her understanding of the human experience, with all its frailties. She procured a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Child & Family Studies/Women’s Studies at Stony Brook University and a Master’s degree in Social Work from the City University Hunter College.

Having founded the Vision Transform Firm, LLC, in 2015, Life Redefinition Specialist Danielle Fairbairn-Bland speaks for the forgotten and lends a glimmer of hope to humanity. With your support, Danielle will continue to uplift communities- one youth at a time.

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